Automatic aligning system HPC312

HPC-Hydraulics is the first company that uses a Touch-screen for the aligning system. This makes our system extremely flexible and one of the most compact systems on the market. No more difficult controls or steps for the levelling of your vehicle. The display shows exactly which steps you must or can execute and which are being executed at that moment.
With one push of the button, your vehicle will be aligned within 90 seconds.

HPC Hydraulics 312 touchscreen

The system has various possible settings aside from the automatic alignment, the other automatic settings are:

  • Two memory setting
  • Emptying the wastewater tank
  • Stabilising
  • Retracting

Furthermore, it is also possible to operate the system manually.


HPC Hydraulics 312 automatisch aligning system

The system indicates exactly what, among other things, the voltage of the battery of the vehicle is and whether or not you have pulled the handbrake. Any malfunctions are indicated on the screen, which enables you to find a solution more quickly. The system has a warning light on the dashboard and is secured over the handbrake. The systems are available in 12 and 24 volts.

Hydraulic jacks

With our range of aluminium and steel jacks we can lift and stabilise just about any vehicle. We have systems that can handle a capacity of 2 to 30 tonnes.
With seven different aluminium jacks we have a suitable solution for every vehicle. Aside from four straight jacks we also have two telescope jacks, which are extremely suitable for vehicles with little available space.
The hydraulic supports are anodised black and very corrosion-resistant because of that. The mounting is in the spine of the jack, this means a compact installation. Some advantages listed:

  • Aluminium cylinders from 5 kg
  • Power of one single jack 3 to 7 tonnes
  • Compact installation
  • Straight and telescope cylinders
  • Anodised black, no paint
  • Movable base up to 7 degrees
  • Water and waste disposal
  • Fixed base during the drive
HPC Hydraulic jacks

For heavier vehicles we also have steel jacks in our stock, deliverable at request.





New option "remote control via smart-phone"

In 2015 we will launch a remote control onto the market for our levelling system, which will be reachable via a smart phone. The dealer will then install an app via your phone and attach a receiver to our operation. This is optionally available.


Ota yhteyttä [email protected] tai soittamalla 0400-844 215

niin tarjoamme sinun ajoneuvoosi sopivan sarjan.

Esim. Fiat Ducato AL-KO alkaen 2007- X250 / X290 hydraulinen tukijalka sarja tuo lisäpainoa 46kg jossa mukana kaikki osat ja öljyt. 


The system consists of a hydraulic pump unit with wiring harness, Touch-screen control panel with built-in alignment, four jacks, hydraulic hoses and oil.

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