MB 319 CDI / BlueTEC (906 731, 906 733, 906 735) 1313-BIQ


Webasto air heater Air Top Evo 40 12V Diesel incl. Installation kit (MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3,5-t Bus (906) 319 CDI / BlueTEC (906731, 906733, 906735)) (Bj. 03 / 09-)


vehicle data


Sprinter 3,5-t bus (906)
319 CDI / BlueTEC (906 731, 906 733, 906 735)
KBA key:
Power kW / hp:   140 kW / 190 hp
displacement:   2987 cc


Product description

Compact and powerful 

The Air Top EVO 40 with a heating capacity of 3.9 kW can be mounted underneath the vehicle, in the double floor or inside the vehicle. 
A newly developed control unit more heating modes. 


, fresh air is drawn into the heater and with the surface 
brought into contact of the heat exchanger. Directly from 
supplied initiated the vehicle fuel tank, fuel is in the combustion chamber 
burned and heated the heat exchanger. The hot air 
is then distributed in the vehicle, thus ensuring 
a constant and uniform temperature. 

Easy to use 

The Webasto Air Top heaters can with different
Control elements are controlled. The Standard Control 
ensures easy operation by only 
the desired comfort temperature is set. 
digital version is also available and offers a timer 
function. A multifunction control for Air Top Evo 
versions allows heating in energy saving mode, 
normal mode or boost mode for very fast heating 
and therefore offers the customer three heaters in one. The 
standard integrated altitude sensor (Evo) guarantees optimum 
heat output even at higher altitudes. 
All Webasto Air Top heaters may either outside, 
mounted in the intermediate base or in the interior of the vehicle 
will be.

Advantages of a Webasto heater at a glance: 

 - fast heating of the interior with the Webasto Air Top Evo 40 12V 
 - save valuable time 
 - very pleasant, warm interior 
 - reduces pollution during cold start 
 - friendly engine starting at low temperatures 
 - no more scraping ice ?? more security by completely ice-free windows 
 - higher resale value when your MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3,5-t Bus (906) (319 CDI / BlueTEC (906731, 906733, 906735)) sell 
 - comfortable operation

The advantage in the auxiliary heater store is the large number of immediate delivery parking heaters so you do not have to wait long for your delivery, even if you give up from abroad an order with us.






  • Webasto Air Top Evo 40 12V diesel
  • Extension watch cable / Multi Control 1.8m 
    (including all necessary parts for installation)
  • SFBC MB Sprinter AT Evo 40 MJ 14 
    (including all parts necessary for installation)
  • EC type - approval
  • Warranty - certificate
  • illustrated, vehicle-specific installation instructions
  • operation manual
  • technical support


optional items


  • Adapter harness Multi Control 3m
  • External temperature sensor AT3500 / 5000 / ST L = 5 m Btl.

Lisää koriin:

  • Tuotenumero: JMT96SH-25291-233224147-9872
  • Lähetyspaino: 10kg
  • Valmistaja: Webasto

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