Audi A6 C7 4G Avant oikea takailmajousi


This offer consists to a completely brand new original - design - air spring. 
From our original design manufacturer (abbreviated ODM).
No difference to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).
The airspring for shock absorber is made by one of the leading truck air suspension suppliers. 
Only very durable material is used. The long experience of this company led to superior quality 
Can be installed in the following vehicles: 
Audi A6 C7 4G Avant >2013
Original spare part number: 
4G0616002T ; 4G0 616 002 T 
4G0616002S ; 4G0 616 002 S
4G0616002R ; 4G0 616 002 R  
4G0616002Q ; 4G0 616 002 Q
4G0616002K ; 4G0 616 002 K
Scope of delivery: 
Air Spring Rear Right
-Never lower vehicle with air Discharged from air-suspension bellows! 
-Pressurize air spring to 5bar (72PSI).
-Check air suspension system for leaks.
-Lower vehicle with pressurized air spring modules from the lifting platform.
  Verify after repair if the system is completely sealed.
  The easiest way this is by parking the vehicle determine. Wait for the automatic readjustment of the system, if your vehicle has this feature. All heights the air are supported accurately measure from the ground to the lower edge of fenders and note. The next day, check and compare these heights.
  Even a small deviation of the distances leads to permanent damage to the compressor and the valves.

Lisää koriin:

  • Tuotenumero: JMT-LF00-2K00-AV4G
  • Lähetyspaino: 2.5kg

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